Dock35 Marketing (NL)

Dock35 Marketing is a full service (content)marketing agency. Full service because we support our clients on every aspect of marketing and communications.

We help them create content, online and offline marketing and the realization of their channels, like websites or (digital) magazines. All of this starts with working out a strategy and a marketing concept and ends with continuously optimizing.


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Dock35 Marketing is a full service content marketing agency in Doetinchem. Full service because we can provide our clients with every aspect of marketing and communications. The agency helps their clients with creating content, online and offline marketing and the creation of channels, like websites, apps, magazines, digital magazines, video’s and animated video’s.

Dock35 Marketing supports organizations in communicating with their target groups in an effective way. Creating content, channels and marketing is key. It’s our ambition to be a longterm partner for our clients. They should see a cooperation with us as profitable. Our clients don’t have to worry about any of the marketing support we give them.

Our cooperation always start with an analysis of the clients’ company. Who are you? What is the company about? What are your unique selling points? Who are your competitors? After finding the answers to these questions we work out a strategy or concept.

After the analysis and advice clients can decide to continue the cooperation for the creation of content and channels. Since we have all of the marketing- and communication skills in house, we can create whatever our client needs.

After finishing the channels, our team of marketers makes sure your message is being distributed through the right channels and that the customers find the channels of our client. Of course that isn’t the end of the process. We keep on analyzing and optimizing content, marketing and channels to keep the customers engaged.

Our clients are mainly publishers and corporate medium-sized companies across the country.

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