MPG. is THE communications and contentmarketing agency. Started in 1972 and always relying on our editorial roots we connect our clients and their audiences with smart content. Our content rises from their overlapping sweetspot.


(digital) magazines
communication strategy
content creation
content distribution
contentmarketing strategy
marketing plans
offline marketing
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With over 90 employees, MPG. is the communications and contentmarketing agency with over 20 A-brand clients.

We focus on 4 key industries: food, retail, finance and (semi-) government. We connect brands with their audiences based on smart content. We support our clients in their journeys starting from strategy and concept development all the way to content production. In our in-house studio: The Today Studios, we produce up to 1.000 videos yearly.

We develop hundreds of magazines, websites, events, apps, chatbots and videos.

Our headquarter is based in Amstelveen, The Netherlands. Our international office: MPG. Concepts Inc. is based in New York city, USA.

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