MPG. Concepts (USA)

Our main objective is to inspire our clients audiences’ with smart content. Communication isn’t restricted by boundaries or borders. That’s why MPG. Concepts opened offices in New York.

For us, the US was a logical choice as it’s the home of global content marketing. Now we build bridges for European companies wanting to gain more of a foothold in the US for their marketing activities. We started with our two main clients with, rooted in Europe, The Netherlands. AHOLD USA and Beemster cheese.


(digital) magazines
communication strategy
content creation
content distribution
contentmarketing strategy
marketing plans
offline marketing
online marketing
social media marketing


With our 10 employees MPG.Concepts services out clients from our offices in The Netherlands as well as in New York. Today we all want to be able to access customized content at any time of the day. The way we communicate is becoming more visual and universal. This means it’s easier for the same content to be relevant for more people and on more platforms, thanks to data insights. That’s also why, when developing communication platforms, we always take into account the scalability of the content – smart content.

With MPG. Concepts, we have achieved international success for our client Beemster cheese as well for the international retail group Ahold. Under the name Savory, we create an American version of the Dutch Allerhande 360-degree content platform. One-third of the content is reused and adapted to local needs; our local American team develops the rest of the content exclusively for the US market.

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