Senefelder Misset (NL)

Senefelder Misset offers services and solutions in printing throughout the complete graphical process.

We work for smaller and medium publishers, associations, foundations and charitable institutions which publish magazines. We don’t only offer printing solutions in web offset and sheetfed offset, but we also support during design, prepress and logistics.


perfect binding
response triggers
sheet offset printing
web heatset offset printing


Senefelder Misset is a specialist in offering printing solutions for the entire publishing chain involving diverse organisations. This includes magazine publishers as well as other profit and non-profit organisations, such as corporations, professional and sector organisations, charitable institutions and patient organisations with publishing activities.

We not only deliver advanced printing solutions in rotation offset and sheet-fed offset, but also provide advice and guidance throughout the entire publishing process.

We can effectively perform our role as all-round platform provider, because we have all of the required graphics disciplines in-house. In this respect we differentiate ourselves on the basis of our responsive professionals, a single point of contact throughout the entire production process, high delivery reliability, short lead times and supplementary services, such as advice in support of requests for proposals and paper selection, and a (free) Helpdesk.

We are also able to support our clients in Dutch, German, French and English.

In addition to our graphics services, we offer various marketing and communication and publishing services via our sister companies Dock35 Marketing and Dock35 Media. With these business units we support our customers in, for example, the creation and realisation of media channels (websites, apps, digital magazines, video) and the effective exploitation of magazines and other media channels.

The ‘all-under-one-roof' formula is absolutely unique!

Senefelder Misset was founded in 1873 when Cornelis Misset set up a commercial printing company in Doetinchem. In 1989 Misset concluded a partnership with Henkes Senefelder, since then the company is called Senefelder Misset.

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