New V7 folder


The new folder will be operating as from the first week of July 2018.

Impresia Ibérica – a Spanish subsidiary of CirclePrinters Group – is extremely pleased to announce the investment of a second  V7 folder  in Altair on its 96pp GOSS Sunday 5000 press.

The preparations associated with commissioning of folder have started  and will complete production tests  in June 2018  and  fully operational in the 1st week of July 2018.

The  investment  will address the market and our customer needs offering product flexibility and innovative solutions.

From the 1st week of July 2018 this will be the only  96 page web installed in Spain which will have the capabilities to offer 2 alternative folders: the current one that delivers the classical long grain folds and the new folder that will allow to fold short grain collect or non collect.